Internship Opportunities

Ongoing Volunteering Opportunities with WeCycle Atlanta

WeCycle Atlanta does a lot in the community, and we're always looking for volunteers for our own short-term events and projects. But there are some jobs that we could always use a hand with. If you're interested in volunteering with WeCycle Atlanta, chances are you'll find something you'd love to do on this list. Just call us at 679.962.7660 or email us at to schedule an interview.


  • Location: 1124 Oak St. SW Atlanta, GA 30310
    Needs: Volunteer coordinator, youth lesson instructor, safe cycling assistant, ride leaders, cleaning bikes, fixing bikes, fixing up/decorating the store, putting price tags on bikes
    • Location: The Metro-Atlanta Area
      Time: Varies (please call or email to inquire) 
      Needs: Volunteer(s) to help: set up tables and present tables, disseminate surveys and information
    Telecommute (flexible location and time)

    • Research assistant(s) needed to help in any of the following areas: disseminating surveys, analyzing data, documenting data, researching local historic sites and positive local venues
    • Business assistant(s) needed to help in any of the following areas: transposing the program plan, constructing informational brochure(s)
    • Promotional assistance needed in the following areas: delivering letters, creating fliers, disseminating fliers, other forms of promotion
    • Artistic volunteers to create signs for the store and tables, design promotional tools, aid with bike shop decor

    How To Apply:

    Send to