Wecycle Atlanta Staff


Shawn Deangelo Walton 


CEO and founder of WeCycle Atlanta, Shawn Deangelo Walton has been a lifestyle cyclist for over a decade and has combined the benefits of cycling and gardening in order to service his community. Raised in many of Metro Atlanta's neighborhoods, the Ashview Heights community of West Atlanta is where Walton gave birth to Wecycle Atlanta. WeCycle Atlanta was formed while Walton was attending Morehouse College, where he received a BA in childhood development. His initial vision was to promote cycling and support commuters but it seamlessly and organically transformed into much more when Walton was introduced to the Ashview Community Garden. His vision quickly expanded to fit an urban agricultural element. Today, Walton exposes youth in the community to an education far beyond books. He teaches life skills with WeCycle Atlanta's WHEELS: Work Ethic, Health, Environment, Economics, Leadership and Sustainability program. Through WeCylce Atlanta, Walton  will inevitably leave indelible impressions on the youth and community as a whole; in turn effecting generations to come.