WeCycle Atlanta is a community bike shop and bicycle advocacy organization based out of the Historic Westside community of Atlanta. In July 2011 the organization was formed to serve the surrounding community by highlighting and promoting the health, economic, and environmental benefits that comes with incorporating cycling recreationally or as a life sustaining practice. Within the vision of the company we seek to provide bicycles to constituent of all ages and also providing educational programming that teaches bike safety, maintenance, and bicycle advocacy.

WeCycle Atlanta’s Founder Shawn Deangelo Walton, a 7-year lifestyle cyclist and student of Morehouse College, set out to gain knowledge of cycling, maintenance, and assessing the community bicycling needs. Enthused about the possibilities of building up his community through research and promoting the benefits of a cycling lifestyle he set out to disseminate the idea of WeCycle Atlanta. With a strong back group in community advocacy and the greater vision of servitude to a the Historic West  and South-Side communities development the organization he began to develop and implement phases of WeCycle Atlanta to create a self sustaining mechanism of change. 


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