Monday, January 2, 2017

The WAY Center Meeting

Greetings Atlanta,

2017 is all about Westside Atlanta Youth.

We will be having our first Westside Atlanta Youth meeting on January 10th.
This is a meeting to find stakeholders and partners in a community operated youth and development center in West Atlanta. The Westside Activity & Youth Center will allow community members and organizations to co-work to engage youth through programming and presence in a private space that compliments a public park.

This model was created by WeCycle Atlanta in their bicycle shop. Shawn Walton noticed that providing youth with sporting and engagement equipment:

- Fostered healthy relationships with youth
- Fostered healthy relationships with Parents
- Gave youth a safe and comfortable space to get out of the elements
- Allowed Wecycle Atlanta to reach parents and youth with opportunities
- Created a data resource that aided connecting community members to resources
- Increased the healthy activities of youth and community members
- Gave community members opportunities to have positive interactions with youth
- Created a youth odd job opportunity list 

We would like to offer this platform, that has infrastructure and funding, to the community for a buy-in as a solution that can engage youth in positive ways, bolster positive development, all while mitigating negative behavior over time. This is us coming together to view the facility and to discuss a plan of action that can show the youth THE WAY.

Who should come to this meeting?
-Community Members interested in supporting youth 
- Community Members concerned about youth crime 
- City Officials that can offer aid through legislation and finances 
- Youth - Families
 -Clergy Persons  

It's 2017. Let's dig in with tried solutions that can aid our communities with little bureaucracy. Let's be the resources we need. Let's be a village and show our youth The Way.

Come out to network, fellowship, and organize with us on Jan.10th at Wecycle Atlanta Bike Shop from 7PM-10PM


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