Sunday, May 15, 2016

#YouthOnWHEELS: LadyBug Lemonade. Young Ladies Taking The Lead!

Today was a great day for WeCycle Atlanta's #YouthOnWHEELS all thanks to great community support! Today we aided our youth EARN a total of $266 toward their spring and summer field lessons and lightly launched two social entrepreneur endeavors that address youth engagement, employment, and entrepreneurship. Today we introduced to the world...
A fruit based lemonade stand that engages and provides enrichment activity stipends for young girls. 
Principle Highlights: Work-Ethics x Econmics.
We want to give a Shaboyaa Roll Call Shout-Out!
Thank you to Yasha, Jamilla, Andrea Jordan Jamie Kaufman Jacqui Pinkney for all of your aid! We were a great team!
They were working so hard! They were tired at the end of their fundraiser, and some fell asleep at the shop! lol. This portion of the fundraiser will fund the youngest cohort member's KIPP STRIVE Primary School trip to Calloway Gardens! Next week we will be working to send two other members to Walt Disney World!!
Come out to support! We will be set up during the Malcolm X Festival 2016 Atlanta in the Malcolm X Youth Empowerment Shop (b.k.a. Wecycle Atlanta). May 21st and 22nd.
To donate on-line to aid the youth reach their #YouthOnWHEELS cohort goal of $700 Click Below:

RSVP for the next #LadyBugLemonade Stand May 21st - 22nd:

Now... enjoy some pictures :-) 


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