Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Atlanta Do-Gooders Dinner 2015: A Wecycle Atlanta Fundraising Joint!

The Atlanta Do-Gooders Dinner from Wecycle Atlanta Inc.WeCycle Atlanta Inc. Proudly Presents: 
The Atlanta Do-Gooder Dinner 
at Negril Village
Tuesday Dec 15, 7-10pm

Occasion: This is a celebration of unsung heros, the examples, the volunteers, the Do-Gooders of Atlanta who make the city's future bright. Bring the person you appreciate and #GrubForGood in a night filled with art, drinks, and good feelings. The Atlanta Do-Gooders Dinner is also a call to action to DO MORE GOOD and Wecycle Atlanta Inc.'s year end fundraiser. This year Wecycle Atlanta will reveal it's Multi-Million Dollar Capital Campaign to renovate a SW Atlanta building into a thriving food, business, and innovation hub in one of Atlanta’s most historic communities. This is a collaboration of 7 community organizations coming together for one cause. To create a hub and DO MORE GOOD. This night also celebrate's Wecycle Atlanta’s founder Shawn Walton's 30th Birthday.

Hosted: Jon Goode

-City Council President Ceasar Mitchell for his outstanding work in Youth College Prep 
-Candice Salim of General Assembly for her work with Women in Tech
-Kamean Daniels of High Vibration Living for is work in Health and Wellness

Shawn Walton | State of Wecycle Atlanta Inc. 
Vision: Plan A

It's been a GOOD year. Let's have dinner with The Do-Gooders!


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