Friday, November 28, 2014

10 Reasons to Donate $10 To Wecycle Atlanta!

The City of Atlanta has seen many grand changes in our international city's landscape. We have seen the increase of transportation options with the Atlanta Beltline commencing construction in West Atlanta and The Atlanta Streetcar whizzing through Down Town Atlanta like the toy train we got as children during the holiday seasons. These two major projects indeed serve as beckons to Atlanta's transportation scene, but in the twinkle of Atlanta's eye Wecycle Atlanta has quietly shined in 2014 as one of Atlanta emerging non-profit for many of reasons! Here's 10 of them that should have the good Grinch himself donate $10. Lets take a closer look!

1. Because like all great American stories we started in a Garage!

In the Summer of 2012 Wecycle Atlanta took in three students from the community to enter into our first 40 Hours and a Bicycle Program in our garage.

2. Because you love cycling and you want to give that feeling to everyone!

This year through donations Wecycle Atlanta was able to help nearly 365 youth on bicycles. Thats almost one youth for everyday of the year!

3. Revitalized the Ashview Community Garden, the first community garden on the Atlanta Beltline!

In the Summer of 2012 those same three youth from #1 helped clear up and abandoned lot in Ashview and that lot would reenergize the community.

4. Aids local efforts to make the City of Atlanta a Top 10 Sustainable city!

In the Summer of 2014 the good folks over at AJC featured us in the Atlanta Forward section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution for aiding youth cycle towards better health.

5. Community operated Bike Shop in the West End! Neighbors helping neighbors!

Youth seen apply what they've learned about safety on other youth! If this isn't community WE don't know what is!

6. We support Local Businesses with Rides! #WeShareTheWealth

At Wecycle Atlanta we not only get youth on bicycles, but we teach them the importance of shopping local!

7. Because Foodies Love Wecycle Atlanta!

Wecycle Atlanta made Zagat 30 under 30 this year for creative solutions to end food deserts!

8. Because You are Bike - Curious too!
Coooommmmeee oooonnnn. You know you want to try it! We see you liking our Instagram and Facebook post ;-)

9. Because this IS a FLEX ZONE!
Let Wecycle Atlanta help you FLEX your giving muscles this holiday season. Your donation will help youth get on bikes and see the greater Atlanta area with our Wecycle Atlanta ROLL MODELS (see what we did there?). We will shout you out so that all of your friends can see you flexing the giving spirit!

10. Like a perfect “10” this gift would come at a "Perfect" Time

Wecycle Atlanta has softly opened our doors in the heart of the West End. We need your help to keep this dream alive. Youth and community members greatly benefit through our social services and we only hope to make a larger impact by positively affecting our community. Help us do that. Donate today and help us get more Atlanta on W.H.E.E.L.S (Work Ethics, Health, Economics, Environment, Leadership, and Sustainability)!


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