Monday, October 13, 2014

An Interview with Miss Maroon and White, Brittany Botts on Biking!

           We met up with Brittany Botts, the reigning Miss Maroon and White Homecoming Queen, at the illustrious Morehouse College for a bicycle ride, conversation, and photo shoot. Our founder Shawn Deangelo Walton and Ms. Botts, who he calls "Reeci", have been great friends for four years since being introduced to each other through poetry and activism on the campuses of the Atlanta University Center. They sit in front of Graves Hall, one of Morehouse's premiere academic dormitories, to commence the photo shoot and they do what they do best...SERVE! The mood was light and the interactions were genuine between the two friends who then begin cycling through Morehouse and Clark Atlanta's campus in #Spelhouse sibling bliss. The moments afterwards were spent hearing Brittany's reminiscing on a bicycle in Paris cycling to the Louvre Museum. We graciously asked about her experiences cycling today and how it could influence the Atlanta University Center.

WE asked Miss Maroon and White:

WE: How did it feel riding on a bike through the Atlanta University Center?
BB: I felt so free and connected with the environment around me. I felt like I was taking ownership of my space while starting a new trend on campus.

WE: Do you think that the Atlanta University Center could benefit from a bicycle friendly campus?

BB: Yes! Students could definitely benefit from riding bikes on campus. It would provide a new work out mechanism and an outlet for stress, a new way to navigate their campus community and the surrounding community as well.

WE: What was your most memorable biking moment?
BB: My most memorable moment riding the bike (during the Wecycle Atlanta photo shoot) was when I finally perfected the turn around Clark Atlanta University's promenade.

We really enjoyed the company of the wonderful Brittany Botts and we hope to ride with her again! Perhaps for the #DoTheBikeThing AUC Spring ride! Coming soon, but until then... #BikeThePower!



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