Monday, September 29, 2014

Wheels of Steel! Two Queens reflect on their bike ride to the Outkast Concert #Atlast

Like our friends at Spindle ATL, who rode bikes across Atlanta to spell out Outkast on a route map, Wecycle Atlanta LOVES Outkast! To celebrate their 20th anniversary and to witness possibly one of their last shows ever, we planned a bicycle ride to the concert appropriately titled: Wheels of Steel!

Accompanied by two fellow Aliens Wecycle Atlanta asked that they reflect on their experience cycling to the concert and the results are in!

Kaurie reminisces: Not only was it smart to ride to the Outkast concert avoiding high parking prices and having to park far away because parking lots were full, but the actual ride invited peace of mind. It possibly was responsible for making the concert that much better. My whole experience of the day I rode to the Outkast show was nothing short of AMAZING!

Natalia recalls the Epic night: The bike ride allowed me to appreciate the beautiful views of the city that you wouldn't otherwise pay attention to driving past. I love how on the way back I was able to reflect on the concert while the wind's breeze blowed with the light rain drops.... okay I'm getting a little poetic, but truthfully it made the day so much more blissful. I also loved the exercise I got from it.

The Do The Bike Thing movement is gaining momentum! Hop on a bike and catch the vibes! We'll leave you with this...


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