Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Garden That Bikes Built: How Wecycle Atlanta and its programing restored a Community Garden on the Atlanta Belt-Line!

It all started with 3 teens, and 5 young adults eager to get bicycles. The funds weren't there initially, but that didn't stop us from figuring out how we can help youth to Do The Bike Thing. What we did have was idle time and able bodies; and, what the community needed was something beautiful and engaging in the Ashview Heights Community. Upon walking on the Southwest corridor of the Atlanta BeltLine we saw the remnants of the once thriving Ashview Community Garden populated by tall grass and discarded things. So we began to pull volunteers in with bicycles as the incentive through Wecycle Atlanta's 40 Hours and a Bike Program.

The Garden is now a hub for youth and community engagement, learning and bicycle lovers!

This is a picture story of how we started from the bottom! 

The.... Beginning ;-)


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