Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Michelle Obama says, "WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!"

You're making a difference—keep it up! from preventionspeaks on Vimeo.

Was she talking to us??? YOU BETTER BELIEVE SHE WAS! Not that Wecycle Atlanta Inc. does anything for organizational acclimations, but you know what... to hear the 1st lady say WE (the advocates of the public sector) are making a difference, sure makes us want to work that much harder and feel appreciated. 

The goal is to make the quality of life for our community better. The goal is to place our children back into the bosom of nature. The goal is to promote health and vitality through recreational activities and to make "playing cool again!" as Michelle Obama states.

Thank you Michelle Obama for your initiative, and you are welcome. We are firm supporters of your vision, and we are glad to be of service. 


Wecycle Atlanta! 

"PreventionSpeaks went to the Building a Healthier Fitness Summit on childhood obesity in December in Washington, DC. Keynote speakers First Lady Michelle Obama; Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker; and former U.S. Senator Bill Frist celebrated the progress being made against this formidable problem and powerfully emphasized the need to continue working to reverse the deadly trend.
This story combines parts of those speeches with clips of prevention initiatives in some CPPW communities like La Crosse and Wood counties in Wisconsin; Maui County in Hawaii; Santa Monica, California; King County, Washington; and Minneapolis, Minnesota"


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