Friday, August 17, 2012

Levi’s® Commuter Collection (words by Shawn D)

Here at WeCyle Atlanta we love to show the afro-cycle-centricity along with the over-all bicycle culture in Atlanta. Recently Levi® has become one of the premier labels in designing clothing distinct to the bicycle culture nostalgia. With fitting (but not too fitting) pants equipped with safety components such as U-lock holders, and reflective tape. These designs are plush, functional, and highly desirable if you are an urban peddler. For instance, take the green coat pictured two pictures below. On the surface level you may only notice how shek and stylish it is, but to the biker (or soon to be biker) you'll notice the cycling jersey type pockets to store everything from Cliff Bars, water bottles, banana's, nuts, and more! Hey... you might can even fit an I-Pad in there (the tech geek in me). 

Well. I for one would like to give Levi® a big shout out for being innovative and inclusive in their marketing. Great jobs guys. I know marketing is suppose to make me want to buy your clothes especially when I can see 'myself' in them, but outside of the handsom brother in your urban cycling clothing campaign I'm compelled to purchase because you are helping WeCycle Atlanta promote cycling to the demographics of our community. The whole purpose of this organization is to let people in Atlanta know that together.... WeCycle Atlanta, and Levi has made the picture more potent on a national level.

~Shawn Deangelo (Founder) Out!


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