Friday, August 17, 2012

Do The Bike Thing: COMMUNITY RIDE: AUGUST 25th!!

Its FINALLY HERE!!! We are kicking off Wecycle Atlanta in Conjuction with Metro Atlanta Cycling Clubs second ride with the premier of our signature cycling campaign... DO THE BIKE THING!! In the spirit of cycling and all joints Spike Lee, Wecycle Atlanta is setting out to energize the cycling culture of the West-Side starting from the Epicenter THE ATLANTA UNIVERSITY CENTER! This campaign will include rides, merchandise, lectures, and events so be on the look out! It's only right we bring it with a ride! The route is a 11mile tour of the Historic Parks of the West-Side including Mosley Park to Washington Park (on the Lionel Hampton Trail), Cleopatra Park (A Break at Boxcar Grocer), Adair Park, Rose Circle Park, Gordan White Park, and the West End Park. 

Please be sure to bring Water, A Electrolyte infused beverage (coconut water, gatorade, etc), snacks (bananas, nuts, cliff bar). All of these thing can be purchase at THE BOXCAR GROCER.

We will be auctioning of a FREE ONE LOVE CENTURY RIDE REGISTRATION $5!!! Courtesy of Metro Atlanta Cycling Club!

PLEASE BRING A HELMET. A limited supply of loaner helmets are available (10). No helmet. NO RIDE.

So lets RIDE OUT and let the whole world know that Wecycle Atlanta for Change! A Change in health, change in economics, and a change in our environment! 

                                            CLICK HERE FOR ROUTE INFORMATION!!!


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