Friday, July 13, 2012

WeCycle Atlanta Partners w/ Morehouse College and Tri-Cities Highschool for Pilot Bicycle Programs!

The community bicycle shop is only one asset of WeCycle Atlanta. Through our partners (Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Cycles and Change, MACC, Women Bike Atlanta) and programs we seek to connect the dots in bicycle advocacy and education through the West and South-sides of Atlanta. June and July have been key months in making those connections. Installments of  40 Hours and a Bike have been placed at Tri-Cities Highschool and Morehouse College through grand and strategic partnerships!

With this opportunity WeCycle Atlanta hopes to revitalize these communities, their students, and their constituents through the promotion of cycling as an alternate form of transportation and recreational activity. Our key points in being advocates for cycling is to address issues in these areas such as health disparities, economic hardships, lack of infrastructure, and environmental deterioration. We seek to improve the health, economic, and communities and build up the youth and constituents with positive and productive activities with our programming. We are very excited that our pilot programs have been accepted into these prestigious institutions!

Thank you Morehouse College and Tri-Cities High School for allowing us to serve!

In all humility,

Shawn Deangelo Walton
Founder Wecycle Atlanta
Tri-Cities 04'
Morehouse College 12'
Child Development

Together... WeCycle Atlanta

Tri-Cities Highschool

Principal of the Year: Dan Sims w/ WeCycle Atlanta, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition,  MACC, and Cycles and Change Members Shawn Deangelo and Neil Walker
Dear ol' Morehouse College

Dean Booker and Wecycle Atlanta's Shawn Deangelo and Neil Walker of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition & Cycles and Change


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