Friday, July 6, 2012

Taking Action To Overcome Obstacles + WeCycle Atlanta

This summer Wecycle Atlanta has found it’s perfect partner in T.A.T.O.O. (Taking Action To Overcome Obstacles)! This amazing group has joined their programming and resources to employ 3 high school students for the summer!

It’s often very difficult that high school students gain employment over the summer. After the school year is over they are usually left with a load of time on their hands with constructive activities few and far if they aren’t directly linked with a summer camp, church, or sports team. T.A.T.O.O. and WeCycle Atlanta have together created a program where a select few at-risk youth earn a summer’s wage by executing commercial retail space availabilities for the City of Atlanta, and aiding community development through WeCycle Atlanta’s 40 hours and a Bike program in which at the end they will receive a bicycle as apart of their stipend.

The experience has been rewarding and beneficial for the youth and our organizations. We hope to continue to provide these opportunities through the summer and regular school years.

Thank you to everyone who supports Wecycle Atlanta and T.A.T.O.O.! Continue doing so so that we may help youth  Take Action To Overcome Obstacles.

Together… Wecycle Atlanta 


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