Friday, July 6, 2012

MACC Sponsors Ashview Height's Community Ride!

WeCycle Atlanta has partner with MACC (Metro Atlanta Cycling Club) and organized the Ashview Heights first COMMUNITY RIDE! This ride is apart of a larger event sponsored by M. Agnes Jones and the Atlanta Housing Authority “The West Side Health Fair” where Wecycle Atlanta will be recognized as the top grant recipient for the Choice Neighborhood Grant!

The ride will be a brisk 2-3 mile ride around Ashview Heights, Washington Park, and the Atlanta University Center! There will be an alternative ride after intermediate participants complete the initial ride that is a 20-22 (including the warm-up) Mile trek through the West End, Cascade, and the Peyton Community, and Mlk Jr. Drive!

You must wear a helmet to participate!

July 28th, 2012 @
M. Agnes Jone Elementary School (1040 Fair St. Atlanta, GA 30314)
Registration starts at 8a.m.
The ABC Safety Check and Road Lesson’s will start at 8:20a.m.- 8:50a.m.
The Ride Starts at 9:00a.m. SHARP!

With these rides we hope to create awareness to constituents about a healthy means of transportation, fun, conserving the environment, and saving money called BIKING!
Together…. WeCycle Atlanta!


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