Friday, July 6, 2012

The Journey of The Pretty Pedestrian!

Hi I'm Nykita, Nyna for short, and I used to drive my car as my primary means of transportation in Atlanta, GA.

July is my first month as a full blown pedestrian. Let's be honest I'm not the best driver, traffic gives me anxiety & my knowledge of maintaining cars is embarrassing.

Late last year I moved from the suburbs of metro Atlanta to 10 steps away from the Midtown Marta station. The intention was to stop driving & venture deeper into what some would call a "hippie" lifestyle that seems inevitable for me.

Then the naysayers started to chime in. "Black girls don't do that." "Is it safe?" "Atlanta is not a place to live without car.” I listened and since I already had a car, I kept it.

Well after a series of not so dramatic events I found myself without a car for 2 weeks while researching purchasing a new one. In that time period I decided to stop punkin’ out and give this pedestrian life a try.

Here, on WeCycle Atlanta, I'll be sharing with you my journey of living a life that is Pretty Pedestrian by foot, bicycle, public transportation & any other clever way I can think of getting around the city of Atlanta.

- @AccordingtoN


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