Monday, July 16, 2012

5 things it takes to be a Pretty Pedestrian

Converting to life without a car requires some changes. Here are 5 things that have helped me on my journey so far.

1.     A monthly Marta pass: For the amount of time you’ll be spending on whatever your city’s public transportation is, a monthly (or annual if offered) card is the cost efficient & time saving way to go.

2.     An adaptable attitude: Things are going to go wrong. The same dreadful way you can get a flat tire on your way to work is the same way a train may not show up on schedule. What I think most people find more frustrating about being a pedestrian is that it’s out of your control. The reality is that none of us are 100% in control of our lives. All we can do is be prepared & leave some room for error.

3.     Transit Apps: Marta, Zipcar, Taxi, Hopstop. These 4 apps can get you wherever you need to go at about any time.

4.     A prepared mentality: Being a pedestrian requires that you are always prepared when you leave your house. A few things I try my best to never leave home without

Ø  a fully charged phone
Ø  water
Ø  umbrella
Ø  another layer of clothing (sweater and/or tights)
Ø  forecast for the day
Ø  a bag of travel size toiletries; baby wipes, lotion, body spray,
Ø  snacks
Ø  use of the restroom! That could make any travel day very unpleasant

5. Cute flats: Let’s be clear. I’m 5’5, a fashion lover & certainly a heels girl. This lifestyle change has certainly made me have to change up my wardrobe.  Wonderfully there are lots of cute flats options that are comfy. My personal favorite at the moment are my red Toms.

This can be done & I’m having a blast doing it. Hope these tips help lovelies! 
- @AccordingtoN


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