Sunday, June 17, 2012

Peddling Jazztronica: DJ Chicken George {Artist Spotlight}

WeCycle Atlanta is not only a bicycle co-op, and bicycle advocacy organization, but we are promoters of bicycle culture. We recently came across this mix that makes peddlin through the streets of ATL a synchronization of soul, beat, and earth. This is our Artist spotlight. Enjoy some Jazztronica on the house. Together... WeCycle Atlanta.
CG's ALL VINYL 45s Jazztronica! Mix exclusively for Verses In Motion on Get Yourz Radio. This mix includes a track from debut 45" release by Steven Thomas "Music For The People" feat. DJ Chicken George.

1. Steven Thomas feat. DJ Chicken George - Music For The People
2. Tall Black Guy - Love To The World
3. Thievery Corporation - Scene At The Open Air Market
4. Stac - Balls Bounce (Bonobo Remix)
5. DJ Mitsu The Beats - After Midnight
6. Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Ora Como Rey, Mañana Como Güey
7. Bun feat. Break Reform - Pace of Lack
8. Title - Sidechain Reaction
9. DJ Shadow - Dark Days (Spoken For Mix)
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DJ Chicken George - Peddlin' 45s for Brick City House (London)

DJ Chicken George - Concrete Jazztronica! Mix no. 2

DJ Chicken George Live @ Hush Nightclub - Victoria, BC (Part 1)


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