Friday, May 4, 2012

The National Brotherhood of Cyclists hosts 3rd annual Major Taylor Cycling Convention

Black cycling pioneer Marshall 'Major' Taylor was the first African-American athlete to be awarded the title of World Champion in any sport. His sport was cycling, and his story is complete with accolades and world records in both amateur, professional and international racing. His legacy still lives on, and it is this legacy that sits at the core of this year's 3rd annual bicycling conference in his name.

Since 2010, each year the National Brotherhood of Cyclists hosts a conference which seeks to create a space of learning, athleticism, recreation and unity. Taking place August 8-12 of this year, the conference features talks by several prominent athletes in the bicycling community, including silver Olympic medalist Nelson Veils who also leads a ride through the hosting city of Nashville, Tennessee. Additionally, participants will experience culture and relaxation to balance out their education and athletics, such as the Major Taylor art exhibit, which features highlights from the champion's career. Registration includes 8 meals, 2 rides, several lectures, a wine and beer tasting and much more.

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