Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red, Bike, and Green Inaugural Ride a HUGE SUCCESS!

The Oakland based bicycle community activism group Red, Bike, and Green's inaugural ride will be a life long memory of mine. A time that I'll probably retell to my grand kids. April 14th 2012 marked Red, Bike, and Green's Inaugural ride and we were happy to partner in making the day so grand.

Wecycle is a very small operation and that day we got to really test out how we work. To help assist participants we provided 4 bicycles to the ride for those who didn't own one. After seat adjustments, test rides, flat tires, and taking off rims, we finally got to White Park where we biked right into heaven.

Lead by Zahra and Hamzat of Red, Bike, and Green, the whole city was amazed at how man African Americans were on bikes! Great JOB GUYS!


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