Friday, December 16, 2011

WeCycle in the community Pt. 1! #FairStMural

Operation #FairStMural. Summa, Summa, Summa Tyme {{Ohhhh Summa tyme}}. We out in the streets painting murals of who we was, is, and will be. The Fair St. Mural is a project funded greatly by our own economic prowess and a great community sponsors in Sam Flax Art Supplies. It is also a manifestation of the creativity in art that we've displayed since the beginning of civilization.

The Plot: 
A poet on bike who sells poetry books to people to buy paint and mural supplies. He pedals books as he pedals his bike around to spots such as Apache Cafe, Urban Grind Coffee Shop, Marlee's Coffee Shop. He delivers his fund-raising product and collects donations in far off lands such as Emory University and Atlantic Station, coming from his native land of the West End. He avoids trucks, people, run-ins with the law, and other dangers fearlessly, knowing that there is no greater danger than a people who aren't inspired. 

The Supporting Cast: 
Chaina Nickole, Thurston Lopes, Tierra Benton, Morgan Mccrory, Shanice Green, Rio Sarah, Tawny Powell, Publik Transit, members of A.K.A. inc, members of Delta Sigma Theta inc, Ill-Lyterati, Brenda Williams & Family, The Ashview Heights Community, Morehouse College Faculty, Sam Flax, Atlanta Humane Society staff, & My True Vision Photography {{THANK YOU}}

Interview w|Sam Flax Representative:

Interview w|Rasta Barbie:

Behind the Scenes:


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