Friday, December 16, 2011

WeCycle Fashion Show Ft. Fearless Weirdo, Poor Little Rich Girls, and Fufu & Soup

It was a 60 degree night (Dec 2nd) in Atlantis Gawga and our people were feeling beautiful. They came from every end of the earth to witness a new paradigm on a pair of wheels. On this night we dressed up and paraded through our underground h(e)aven exuberantly flaunting our royalty. We were dressed by a Fearless Weirdo {Shopping Boutique}, a Poor Little Rich Girl {Eclectic Thrift Boutique}, and Fenenlla Miller fed us Fufu & Soup {Jewelry & Design Line}. Organized by a Gracious Angel (Shawn Deangelo)  and Atlanta Bicycle Coalition's Hamzat Sani we welcomed spiritual and fashionable funk to the world of **WECYCLE**
~We Wish You Were There~

Spiritual and Fashionable Funk:


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