Do The Bike Thing IndieGoGo Launch May 31st!

Join City Council Member Andre Dickens, Marian Mereba, and more help Wecycle Built Their Bike Shop and get 100 Atlanta's on W.H.E.E.L.S.!!

Wecycle Atlanta reaches 1,000 like Facebook milestone!

On behalf of Wecycle Atlanta, Inc....

The Garden That Bikes Built

How Wecycle Atlanta's Programing Restored a Community Garden

Do The Bike Thing!! A Fundraising Joint

Help Wecycle Atlanta find a home and build the commmunity!

MACC Rides to the Capitol!!

MACC joins the Georgia Bike Ride to the Capitol on a very cold day. Burrr

Monday, June 2, 2014

Do The Bike Thing Indiegogo launch HUGE SUCCESS!

Wecycle Atlanta is thankful for all the support received May31st on the last day of National Bike Month. With over 50 guest, including Atlanta City Council members Ceasar Mitchell, Natalyn Archibong, and Cleta Winslow! Our host Council member Andre Dickens honored Wecycle Atlanta with a proclamation from the Atlanta City Council for are teamwork with the Ashview Heights Community Garden and for working together to promote and engage residents in healthy and sustainable life styles. We were able to kick off our fundraiser by raising $700! Lets keep the W.H.E.E.L.S. rolling! Lets unify to open Wecycle Atlanta's co-op bicycle shop so that we can give youth and residents of SW Atlanta access to fresh produce and food! Check out these photos of the event! Oh yeah... DO THE BIKE THING!!!

Donation link:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Do The Bike Thing IndieGoGo Launch Party with Atlanta Council Member Andre Dickens, Marian Mereba and more!

ATLANTA, GA– WeCycle Atlanta is delighted to announce the March 31st 2014 launch of its Do The Bike Thing BIKE SHOP crowd funding campaign and the unveiling of our Pop-up Bicycle Shop at the Ashview Community Garden on the SW Atlanta Beltline! 

Our mission is to revitalize the communities by encouraging health and wellness, environmentalism and economic development through biking, research and fellowship. We emphasize biking as a healthy lifestyle and an alternate means of transportation that encourages us to engage with our neighbors and the local community while being environmentally conscience.

We are using the momentum of being FedEx’s top 100 Small Business finalist, Introducing our mobile pop-up shop at Atlanta Streets Alive in the West End, and receiving a $24,000 donation from a private donor to raise $50,000 in our Do The Bike Thing: BIKE HUB IndieGoGo Campaign.
Our future Bike HUB space will house:
• And More

May 31st 2014 – December 31st 2014 “DO THE BIKE THING” by attending our crowd funding campaign release and Pop-Up Shop “Soft Opening” May 31st 10a.m. – 2p.m. hosted by Atlanta City Council Member Andre Dickens (Post 3 At- Large) with a special performance by Marian Mereba, a live food demo with Qam Raw, and a Kemetic Yoga session with Kamean! We will also be honoring the 1995 founders of the garden: The Abensett family and Cleta Winslow and signing up youth to receive one of the 100 Bicycles that we will have youth earn through the summer! See our programming at work and enjoy an afternoon of art, service, and socializing with the Wecycle Atlanta team and our supporters.

Visit or webpage to make your “DO THE BIKE THING”


Founded in July 2011, WeCycle Atlanta is a co-op and bicycle shop, based out of the Atlanta’s Historic Ashview Heights community, formed to promote sustainable living and healthy lifestyle habits by engaging community members in cycling and gardening activities.

For information contact:
Shawn Deangelo Walton. Executive Director. 678.296.0401.

Wecycle Atlanta Reaches 1,000 Likes on Facebook! #ThankYou!

On behalf of the people at WeCycle Atlanta WE just want to say THANK YOU for your ongoing support! Without you all riding with us we wouldn't be able to develop our community in sustainable ways! We will keep promoting others to DO THE BIKE THING as we continue to be guided by our Wecycle W.H.E.E.L.S. model (work ethic, health, environment, economics, leadership, sustainability). 

Join us this may as we participate in our first National Bike Month with events and fundraisers focused in May!

List of Event: 

May 3rd & 17th: Wecycle Pop-Up Shop & Service Day! New 40 Hours and a Bike Round! 10a.m. - 2p.m. @ACG 

May 3rd: #DoTheBikeThing! Adult Spin to CastleBerry Hill's new Drink Art Restaurant 3p.m. - 5p.m. @ACG 

May 10th & 24th: Bike to Boot Camp w/ Fitness Instructor Lou Robinson! 9:30a.m. - 11:30a.m. @ACG 

May 31st: Wecycle Atlanta POP-UP Shop "Soft Opening" 10a.m - 2p.m. @ACG

June 7th: Wecycle Pop-Up Shop & Service Day! 10a.m. - 2p.m. @ACG 

June 7th: #DoTheBikeThing!: Tour D' Farms @ACG

June 8th: #DoTheBikeThing w/ The Atlanta Cycling Festival at The Spinning Pie in Castleberry Hills 1p.m. - 4p.m. 

Ashview Community Garden (@ACG)* 1181 Fenwood St. SW Atlanta, GA 30314 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

VOTE for Wecycle Atlanta in the FedEx $25,000 small grant contest!!!

Vote for Wecycle Atlanta to help us win one of ten small business grants from FedEx, including the $25,000 grand prize! Wecycle Atlanta has come a long way and we have further to go. Help us get into our bicycle shop by MAY, national bike month, so we can be ready for the youth in our community by the summer! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE! You can vote once a day until Febraury 23rd! Lets do this!



#DoTheBikeThing February 1st! JOIN US

Join Us! #BundleUp

February 1st at 12p.m. Wecycle Atlanta will is again ready to DO THE BIKE THING!!! 

We are celebrating Black History Month and supporting the '28 Days of Black' economic campaign for black owned businesses and our communities. 

We will be doing a brisk 2mile bicycle ride from the Ashview Community Garden to The Westview Pizza Cafe. 

Please be sure to donate to Wecycle Atlanta to support our community and youth building programs.

Bicycle rentals are available. Contact

See ya on FEBRUARY 1st! 12p.m. at the Ashview Community Garden! (1181 Fenwood st. sw Atlanta, GA 30314)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wecycle Atlanta Partners with The Local Boys and Girls Club!

On a mission to engage youth in life-sustaining practices, Wecycle Atlanta teams up with The Harland Boys and Girls Club to help youth earn bicycles and teach them about community service.

The month of June set a precedent for Wecycle Atlanta. We held our first pilot program at The Boys and Girls club. We couldn't have asked for a better place to start our journey as we set out to spread the Bike Gear and Garden Gospel! The youth were truly engaged in every assignment, and were quick to show off their new bicycle maintenance and safety maneuvering skills to the staff and their parents. Their latest lesson included: naming every part of the bicycle, quickly changing tires, and, lastly, building reservoir systems at the Ashview Community Garden, our weekly community service site.

The program's finale had the youth participating in a bike ride around their own community taking them to Morehouse College, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University! At the rides end, they settled at the Ashview Community Garden. Here, the girls and boys learned about the fruits and vegetables growing in the garden, built reservoir systems out of recycled Gatorade bottles and were introduced to composting after finishing their healthy, organic snacks. The youth were excited to be engaged in community service that will eventually provide healthy and organic food to the surrounding community!

What a group of youth! We are proud to work with The Harland Boys and Girls Club to develop health-conscious and community oriented-youth!

The Garden That Bikes Built: How Wecycle Atlanta and its programing restored a Community Garden on the Atlanta Belt-Line!

It all started with 3 teens, and 5 young adults eager to get bicycles. The funds weren't there initially, but that didn't stop us from figuring out how we can help youth to Do The Bike Thing. What we did have was idle time and able bodies; and, what the community needed was something beautiful and engaging in the Ashview Heights Community. Upon walking on the Southwest corridor of the Atlanta BeltLine we saw the remnants of the once thriving Ashview Community Garden populated by tall grass and discarded things. So we began to pull volunteers in with bicycles as the incentive through Wecycle Atlanta's 40 Hours and a Bike Program.

The Garden is now a hub for youth and community engagement, learning and bicycle lovers!

This is a picture story of how we started from the bottom! 

The.... Beginning ;-)